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Gourmet Cheese From Around The World - Europe

Author: Chef George Krumov

When it comes to cheese, there are just a few things better in life than a gourmet cheese platter and a nice glass of wine. If you are looking for ideas what cheeses to use for your gourmet cheese platter, you have come to the right place. I have selected some very nice European cheeses, that are not exactly the mainstream but at the same time are not very difficult to find. Some grocery stores carry some of the cheeses from my selection, and for the rest I recommend checking a specialty store, or Middle Eastern or Italian store.

Lets start with Italy, because many of my favorite cheeses come from there:
Piave Vecchio - Piave is made only in the the Piave River Valley region of Belluno, Italy. It is known in North America as Piave Vecchio (Aged Piave). When it is aged, the flavor resembles that of young Parmesan. A nice feature of the Piave is that unlike the Parmesan, it has very thin skin. Piave can be grated on pastas, but its awesome taste can be best enjoyed in a cheese platter with a glass of full-bodied red wine.
Pecorino Crotonese - Pecorino Crotonese is a hard cheese made of sheep milk, with a very pleasant rustic flavor. It is an exceptional grating cheese, a nice substitution for Parmigiano Reggiano, but can be enjoyed in a cheese platter as well. Read the full article here ...

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