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Chocolate Mousse - Learn How To Make Real Fresh Chocolate Mousse From Scratch.

        Author: Chef George Krumov from

Chocolate mousse

If you came to this page looking for a chocolate mousse recipe, chances are that you are one of the few people left, who do not associate chocolate mousse with a pouch of powder from the grocery store. Nowadays even most of the restaurants do not serve real fresh chocolate mousse, made of basic ingredients and without preservatives, like the ones from the picture. If you ever ordered a chocolate mousse in a restaurant, you probably were served a chocolate mousse round (delivered frozen to the restaurant, thawed and served), or a chocolate mousse whipped from powder. Both kinds contain starch and preservatives, and the first one contains gelatin which makes it unsuitable for vegetarians, although they wouldn't know. Now, the chocolate mousses from the picture are exactly what a real chocolate mousse should be. Here is my recipe. I have created this chocolate mousse recipe and perfected it while making it hundreds of times.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe: 600 gr. semi-sweet baker's chocolate, 500 ml. whipping cream, 14 egg whites, 10 egg yolks, 500 gr. sugar, 2 oz. coffee liquor, 2 oz. artificial vanilla extract, 2 small cups espresso, 1 lime wedge.

This recipe yields 18 martini glasses of chocolate mousse: Put the chocolate squares, coffee, vanilla and liquor in a mixing bowl and melt the chocolate over double boiler. In the mean time, whip individually to stiff peaks with 1/3 of the sugar for each, the cream, egg whites and yolks. You can whip them one by one in your kitchen robot, but make sure that you clean the bowl thoroughly after each one. Squeeze the lime wedge in the bowl while whipping the cream. Combine the three whipped ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and fold them in gently with a whisk. Start pouring the melted chocolate mixture in a slow stream and keep whisking gently until all ingredients are combined. Ladle the chocolate mousse in martini glasses and let them stay in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving to set.

For this chocolate mousse recipe you should use only fresh eggs. The liquor and lime juice serve as a natural preservative in this recipe, nevertheless special care should be taken when handling raw eggs. This recipe is perfectly safe, but if you are worried about using raw eggs, I will give you a few examples when you probably had them without knowing. If you ever ordered a tiramisu in a restaurant, chances are that it was made with raw eggs in the mascarpone cheese mixture. Next time you order tiramisu, ask if it was made with eggs. If they don't know, that means the restaurant ordered it from a food supplier.
Pasta Carbonara is another example of raw eggs (or almost raw, but definitely not cooked, otherwise the pasta would look like scrambled eggs).

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