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Fluoride In Baby Water - Who Needs That?


While visiting a major baby toy store I noticed some bottles of infant water. As I usually do, I checked the label to see what can possibly make a water good for infants. While I agree that infant formula (provided that you even use concoctions like that) should not be mixed with tap water, I always thought that distilled water works perfectly for that, and you can find distilled water anywhere. So, the infant water was just that, distilled water but.....with fluoride added to it. Why?

Why an infant would possibly need fluoride? I don't think that anyone should drink that, let alone an infant. There is still a debate about the need to ingest this toxic chamical for some illusory reason such as protecting your teeth. If it really protected your teeth, all the dentists should've been out of job by now. I hear that in Europe they don't fluoridate their water, and don't recommend giving fluoride to kids. I am not a scientist and don't want to be one, but you would do yourself a great favor if you research all the health claims about fluoride and decide for yourself if this drug is good for you. Below is a flouride warning on a mineral water bottle from a country in the EU.

Fluoride warning

The label sais: "Contains fluoride over 1.5 mg/l (1.5 ppm). Not recommended for everyday use by children under 7 years old." And, this is even the natural fluoride. The fluoride that is added in the tap water in most places in North America is a chemical compound, called sodium fluoride, and is way more dangerous for your baby's health.

When doing your research, go to any health store and ask what kind of toothpaste they sell. If they tell you fluoride-free, then ask yourself why someone would be willing to pay more for a toothpaste without this chemical. Maybe because that person is still thinking!!!

Because of all the health claims the authorities are making about fluoride, this makes it a medication. Medication needs prescription. Have your kid, or yourself, been prescribed fluoride?


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