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Fluoride In The Water - Is It Good For You?

Fluoride is a poison that can adversely effect your health but you can remove it from your life.

Fluoride has been cleverly disguised and marketed as a nutrient for many years. It has been introduced into our water supplies and it is added to many common dental products, but the simple fact is this. Fluoride is a poison. It has no nutritional value what so ever. Fluoride has been proven to be more toxic than lead and arsenic, and in Europe it has been removed from over 97% of the water supply.

In the United States Fluoride was first noticed in the water of a small portion of the Southwest in the early 1900s. Dentists had noticed that most of the people from this region had teeth that were stained yellow and brown. Some of them had teeth that appeared to be crumbling, but none of them had any cavities. Further testing proved that the water supply had an extremely high level of Fluoride. It got so bad in Colorado that the condition was nicknamed the “Colorado Brown Stain.”

Doctors and scientists determined by introducing just a very small amount of Fluoride into the public drinking water, they could prevent tooth decay at extremely high levels. Once it is introduced into the water supply there is no way of accurately determining the dose. It just runs freely throughout the supply and poisons people along the way. It did not help tooth decay, and its effects were never tested on humans. Or was it? We have been the Guinea pigs in this huge toxic experiment, and it is time to put a stop to it.

The list of negative effects of fluoride on the human body are huge. It can cause joint problems. Blood problems, bladder and urinary problems, bone problems, prostate problems and it can contribute to the growth of cancer. It has been proven to directly effect the brain and lower your IQ. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that this toxic poison is being pumped into every house. Is someone trying to dumb everyone down?

Here is a very scary fact. Fluoride was used by Hitler in Nazi concentration camps. It was also used in Russian prison camps. Both of these places introduced it into the water for one reason. To keep people, slow, stupid and docile.

Have you ever read the label on your brand of toothpaste? You might be surprised to find that there is actually a warning label on any toothpaste that has fluoride. That is because it is a toxic poison that should not be swallowed, yet it is being pumped directly into the water system.

How can I avoid Fluoride?
Fluoride is dangerous and it affects our lives on a daily basis, but there is something that you can do about it.

You can use a toothpaste that does not have fluoride in it. These fluoride free toothpastes are sold at health food stores everywhere.

Call your local water company and ask them if your water contains fluoride. If it does, you can choose to just not drink it. Drink spring water. If you choose to drink spring water, call the company that produces it and ask them how much fluoride is in their water. They might even have this information on their company website.

The best way to get it out of your water supply is with a good filter system. The smaller filters that are available at most major department stores will not remove the fluoride from your water. You are going to need a good filter system.

There are two types of filters that will remove over 90% of the fluoride in the water. They are reverse-osmosis and activated alumina. Either one of these will filter out most of the nasty toxin. The other way to remove fluoride is by distilling the water. You can purchase a water distiller for your water supply and get rid of fluoride for good.

Protect yourself and protect your family by completely removing fluoride from your lives for good!

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