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Tips Before Exam: Foods That Will Boost Your Brainpower

Nothing beats burning the midnight oil studying for that challenging school examination. Whether it's a high school student mid-term test or college entrance examination or a professional taking an exam as part of a job application, mental preparation is still the best if you want to excel and get a good grade. However, for those who want to even improve their chances, quite a lot of people employ a variety of other things. These range from prayer, taking supplements and probably the most common, turn to food which are known to improve brain functioning. It is always best to just complement hard work with nutritious brain building foods. But it is recommended to eat sensibly allowing for balanced meals following the traditional food pyramid and add the brain boosting food. Do not take anything too alien or exotic right before the exam especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Though it may be delicious or stimulating, too much sugary and caffeine laden food though they provide energy, it doesn't have a sustaining effect especially during long periods of mental activity. You'll be surprised that a sensible balanced diet can be enough to take you through an examination more than anything else. Ensure adequate vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and even fat as these will all help in the proper functioning of the brain. All these work together and help boost mental alertness as these nourish the brain cells. Omega-3 rich fishes like salmon, herring, anchovies and even the simple canned sardines and tuna can boost brain power. A good protein-carbohydrate combination is whole grain toast, rice or pasta with eggs, cheese or even lean meat. Nuts and seeds, ranking top among of the top foods eaten by vegan and vegetarians provide energy slowly rather than highly processed foods. Lastly, it is wise to eat and drink just enough so you don't feel bloated or have to go out and pee often. Go extra easy on the coffee and alcohol as these can also affect mental clarity.

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