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Beautiful Beaches on The Southern Bulgarian Black Sea



There are many good options when you are visiting the Southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but if you are looking for budget options, check my top three choices below. The three beaches in the list are all free, and offer relaxing atmosphere, clean water and fine sand. I call them "free", because unlike the beaches that are under concession, there you don't have to pay 12 lv. for the use of beach chair and umbrella. Just bring your own umbrella and a blanket. You can buy an umbrella from every little resort along the coast.


Camping "Zlatna Ribka" - the free beach is actually to the left of the camping "Zlatna Ribka" (Golden Fish). The other is actually also free, but the parking is paid. The camping is located only 3 km. north of Sozopol, and unlike the beaches of Sozopol, Zlatna Ribka offers a lot of space, fine sand and water depth that is suitable for families with infants or small kids. There are two bars on the beach, but just one of them serves some food, although the prices are a bit higher than other places. Parking is free along a dirt road that leads to the beach.

Camping Zlatna Ribka

Holiday Complex "Duni" (Dunes) - the free beach in Duni is to the right of the hotel beach visible in the picture. Duni is located 6 km. south of Sozopol. (Sozopol is 25 km. south of Burgas). The beach is very long and perfect for the tourists who want to escape the crowds. The beach in Duni is great for snorkeling, thanks to lots of seashells and small fish. There isn't any bars or restaurants on this side of the beach, so it is advisable to bring your own food and beer. You can park anywhere on the shoulder along the road.


Camping "Kavatsi" - the beach in Kavatsi is divided into two parts: the left side is free and the right side is paid, and even offers VIP zone and a nice beach bar. The beach is similar to Zlatna Ribka, but offers much more availability of tasty food at reasonable prices. The parking for the beach in Kavatsi costs 5 lv., 3 lv., or 2 lv., depending on the proximity to the beach. The area is very romantic, with lots of fig trees and a combination of mountain and sea. Also, there is a beach shower, which is missing on the other two beaches. Kavatsi is located 2 km. south of Sozopol.


The area of the three beaches is quite nice, and only a short drive from other interesting Black Sea resort places, such as Kiten and Primorsko. In my opinion, out of the three featured beaches, the Kavatsi is the best one. It also has a lovely-looking camping area for tents, just meters away from the beach. The food choices in the casual restaurants behind the beach are great and surprisingly tasty for this kind of establishments.

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