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The Goji Berry - Nutritious And Unique

The goji berry is a small, bright red berry found primarily in eastern countries. The plant grows to a height between 3 to 9 feet and is a deciduous and perennial. Although it can be found growing wild in many areas from Eastern Europe to Asia, it is most often found around Mongolia and China. Farming locations for the goji berry are primarily located in China, which has a strong export market for the berry. The Ningxia region is considered to grow the purest, best quality berries.

Also known as the gogi berry or wolfberry, the goji berry is held in high esteem in these areas for its many reported health benefits. Known as the most nutritionally dense food in the world, many eastern cultures consume it on a regular basis for health and long life, and many cultures with the world’s longest life spans live in areas where goji is plentiful. Its documented use for health benefits and in traditional Chinese medicine extends back 1,900 years, though its undocumented and anecdotal use goes back nearly 4,000 years when it was presumably used by the legendary First Emperor of China.

The goji berry is a very unique plant in that it contains many special molecules not found in any other food on Earth. These polysaccharides provide the plant its own incredibly strong source of nutrition, and are credited with the berry’s many health benefits in humans. These molecules are also the reason behind the plant’s impressive adaptive capabilities which allow it to perform many special feats. The berry is able to thrive in a very diverse range of climates from tropical, frigid, mountain, or near desert conditions. It is also able to respond to its environment directly with amazing proficiency. If the ground the plant grows in becomes high in bacteria, for example, the plant will begin to produce increased amounts of nutrition and actually create a defense against infection until the soil becomes normal again.

The goji berry has gained a great deal of attention in western cultures, probably due to its reputation as being incredibly nutritious as well as the vast amount of scientific research performed on the plant. Attention from the scientific community has been notable, especially considering the lack of notoriety typically given to natural or alternative eastern substances and practices. To date the goji berry has in excess of 80 independent entries on, an online search database of scientific journals sponsored by the U.S. government. Among these entries are studies which document and prove many of the benefits that have been claimed by the cultures who regularly consume the berry.

Also significant is the amount of media recognition that has been given to the goji berry. Dr. Mehmet Oz, medical surgeon and award-winning author, recommended it to a basketball player for enhanced athletic performance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, while a July, 2006 issue of TIME Magazine proclaimed it the “Superfruit of The Year.” In addition to this exposure have been countless articles in press such as The Los Angeles Times and an article in New Woman Magazine telling of the many A-list Hollywood celebrities who swore by the berry.

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