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Superfoods - A Great Top Twenty For Everyone!


If you want to stay healthy and live longer read on. Okay so maybe that's a slight exaggeration. After all there are hundreds of foods that are good for you and millions that are bad!! There are top twenty lists for muscle building, for endurance, for speed, for losing weight, for every contingency. These are the top twenty foods, in my view ,which can contribute to general health, a healthy diet, keeping illness at bay and in some cases helping you live longer. Although there's 20 they're not in any particular order. In this article I'll be covering my top 10. Look for the follow-up page which continues with the numbers from 11 to 20.

So let's start off with: 1. Chocolate: Sorry, only joking !! Its not chocolate but the raw cacao bean which is the main ingredient of chocolate. Whilst chocolate is really not a good contributor to a healthy diet this bean is fantastic! It contains anti-oxidants that protect the cardio-vascular system, tryptophan which makes you feel great, magnesium and potassium as well as dopamine a neurotransmitter which can help you get motivated. Use the raw bean in yogurt, fruit salad, desserts, smoothies and just about anything else you like. 2. The number 2 ingredient towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the cheapest foods on the planet - watercress. This little baby contains Vitamin C in abundance, iron, folic acid and calcium. It will even help protect you from cancer as it also contains phenylethyl isothiocyanate, a cancer fighting ingredient. Eat cheaply but eat well! 3. Broccoli weighs in at number 3. One of the most under rated superfoods and possibly the least popular as many people think it tastes bland, this vegetable can also help you live longer. Like water cress it can help prevent cancer as it contains Indole-3-Carbinol. Also like water cress it has lots of calcium, iron as well as sulphur. Why buy detoxifying remedies - this food will do it all for you! 4. Alfalfa Sprouts: at number 4 the humble alfalfa sprout is great for having a healthy lifestyle. This contains so much stuff that's good for you that you'll be bouncing with energy and vitality. Included are: Vitamin K, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, calcium, as well as amino acids and iron. I'll ask you again: why buy expensive vitamin supplements when you can buy these? 5. Beetroot - love 'em or hate 'em these come in at 5. The green leafy tops are great for a healthy diet- they contain calcium, iron and beta-carotene. They're also a great source of vitamin A ,potassium and manganese. To finish off with beetroot is also meant to improve your circulation, purify the blood and detoxify your system. Wow! By now you should be buzzing with ideas for your new, healthy lifestyle. 6. Nettles: Not a romantic food I know but nettles can help you achieve a healthy diet. They can give you energy, and reduce water retention and high blood pressure. Not bad for starters but they also contain iron, potassium and vitamin C as well as cleansing, the bowels, the blood and the urinary tract. 7. Ginger: ginger has been used for hundreds of years to help treat sickness and nausea. But did you know that it can also treat indigestion and bad circulation. It can boost the immune system and if you grate it into honey and lemon it will help you fight off colds and get rid of mucus. 8. Hemp seeds: weighing in at 8 to help you with a healthy lifestyle is the humble hemp seed. These contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats as well as Vitamin E. Eat them with salad, on their own or sprinkled liberally with sweet potato, soup or just about anything else you fancy. Eat them in the evening when you're feeling a little hungry to maintain a healthy diet. 9. Flax seeds: Sprinkle these on salads and yogurt. They contain Omega 3 fats and a gel that lubricates the bowel. Not especially tasty but effective! They can also help lower blood pressure and help balance female hormones as they contain lignans. 10. Artichokes: Fantastic for keeping to a healthy diet. These have been used to stimulate liver cell regeneration and to help stop fatty plaques building up inside the walls of the arteries, which causes high blood pressure.So what do you think? Are these superfoods or not? Cancer curing, aids to help you keep a healthy lifestyle. And cheap and easy to buy? What more could you possibly want? Look out for numbers 11-20 in my follow-up article. Coming soon!


Author: Paul Costello

Superfoods - A Great Top 20 For Everyone : Part Two


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