Plan a gastronomic tour of Europe

Do you know that one out of three travelers travel for food? The United Nations of Tourism confirmed that a destination is chosen mainly for its food specialties. We appreciate more the country if its food is tasty. As a big continent, Europe is full of cultures and behaviors, and food is not outdone. So, let's plan a food tour in Europe.

What are Europe's specialties?

As an Oriental quote says: “Man's heart is through his stomach”, that is right. From east to west, Europe is the second-biggest continent around the world. It has fifty-six countries and each country has its distinction, particularly in a matter of food. If you are an adventurer, you have to visit the towns below to satisfy your taste buds.

  •  The Ham Festival in Spain. You like meat? You will have it. This festival takes place in Aracena, in October every year. It consists in a ham-cutting competition and a what you are sure to win is a few more pounds. Sounds great! One other thing, which is very important, is the ham museum where you can see the exhibition of ham.
  •  The “Sagre” Italian. It is an Italian food festival taking place in autumn. Wine and Tastes road are reachable for those who participate while you are traveling by car or by bike. Additionally, there is the sagra dell'uva which is the grape festival in September for two weeks, you will enjoy as many grapes as you wish.
  •  The eierschwammerlgulasch in Austria. It is a must-see in Austria to taste this delicious stew and dumplings. Accompanied with grüner veltliner a grape product, it will make you thrill while enjoying that unique experience.
  •  Herring Festival in Helsinki. Not just for the glacial temperature, Finland has its festival each October. It shows the herring that fishermen have caught.. It consists in showing how good the fishermen are and it is to mark the end of the summer.
  •  The Caru cu Bere in Bucharest. Capital city of Romania has its specialty in warming food. Edible historical monument lovers should absolutely visit this place.

A gastronomic tour? Why? How to plan it?

Have you ever heard the saying about food, which goes like “there is no love as sincere as the love of food”? It could not be wrong because food is among the top criteria for travelers to choose their destination. There is no country with bad food but it just depends on the travelers' preferences.

Gastronomic tour makes you more relaxed; it makes you eager to appreciate the flavor of each food that you have never tasted. A piece of advice to make your trip really enjoyable is to book everything in advance; and you know what? You can do all that online. Opodo is there to help you. If you have a blog on travel or culinary specialities, become an Opodo partner. For more information on the travel agency's affiliation system:

From plane ticket, cars and hotels, this online travel agency is the best option to make your gastronomic tour successful. Belonging to the ODIGEO group, it covers 14 countries of the continent and works with 225 countries over the world. Opodo can plan every detail of the travel according to your request through its website.

Ready to conquer Europe through its gastronomic tour? Why don't you plan this for the next travel? Everything you may need for the preparation is a click away! Over to your computer!

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