Burger : its many variations in Europe

Burger : its many variations in Europe

Did you know that burger finds its origin in Germany and not in America? It has become one of the emblems of the culture and the American cuisine, as well as the fast-food. However, it has many variations in Europe.

Made up of two breads of bun shape generally furnished with minced meat and raw vegetables like salad, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese, and sauce, let's see what burgers are like in different European countries.

Tasty like a burger

  • Bofsandwich means beef sandwich but it is actually a burger. Made with beef steak and served with mustard, onions and sometimes pickles and cabbage, it's a Danish burger specialty. 
  • Pljeskavica: In Serbia, it's a traditional meat dish. With two different types of meat like beef and pork, this burger is made with onions; some Serbian restaurants add ham or cheese to make it tastier. 
  • Muppet Burger is a polish burger, it's a burger made with local beef steak and fresh baked bread; made up with cheese, bacon and jalapeños. Sold in Barn Burger, a local burger house serving the trendiest burgers in Warsaw in Poland. 
  • Danish burger is also a homemade burger in Denmark prepared with meat, eggs and cabbage where the meat is not inside like usual burger but wrap this preparation.
  • Corsica burger is made with Corsican bush, basilica, beef steak, onions. It is special because it is lighter and healthier: without cheese or eggs. Also, combined with some chili, this burger can make you forget home.
  • French burger is special in preparation: buns bread, onions confit, barbecue sauce and beef steak. It's customized with its French mustard which makes it delicious 
  • Spanish burger: What differentiates Spanish burger from others are the use of chorizo, a Spanish salami with spicy taste, and pikilloko, a Spanish chili, inside it.

Want to try a burger tour?

American or European, burger is the proof that the world can be bonded by food, delicious food. American burger is prepared with only buns, steak and cheese.

Europe has its own specialties from natural plants to special salami; visiting burgers place can be interesting to get variation in burger tastes. In Europe, there are many places where you can find these enjoyable burgers.

The 10 most famous are Ban Bargan in Poland, Cock's and Cows in Denmark, Patty and Bun in London, The Tavern in The Czeh Republic, El Filete Ruso in Spain, Le Camion qui fume in France, Illegal Burger in Norway, Coromandel in Italy, Burger House in Germany and Burgeraj in Croatia.

You wonder how to go to these places? Opodo, the first online travel agency can recommend you the best restaurants serving the best burgers. In addition, it provides the best itineraries if you are ready to have a burger tour.

Belonging to the group ODIGEO, Opodo offers to their clients many choices with regard to their options. In addition, Opodo is implanted in 14 European countries; following its advice is one of the wisest decisions to make. “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while,” said Erica Durance, a superstar of Hollywood.

Traveling in Europe to eat many variations is one experience to try. Travel feeds soul while burger feeds your body, so don't miss this opportunity! Remember, there is no dish as cheerful as burger and fries accompanied by a bottle of coke.

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